Hidden Message Revealed In Ann Arbor Kitchen Remodel

Earlier today one of our projects was in the early demolition stage of a kitchen remodel. Yesterday we found a new home for the existing granite, the existing hardwood flooring had been removed, and all that was left was to take out the old cabinets. That's when something caught the eye of Mark, one of our finish carpenters.


Mark hard at work demoing the kitchen

He noticed that secret messages had been left by the previous home owners throughout the years. It was hard to tell if it was just one family or a collection of messages each time the house had been remodeled.


Hidden messages behind the kitchen cabinets

It's interesting things like this that make a job as a Skilled Tradesman fun and exciting. You never know what each day will bring or what challenges may lie ahead. It can be frustrating and full of hard work but... that hard work yields big rewards when we see how much people enjoy that hard work. Our job is helping you remodel your home so you will always have the memories in it.